The following items must be received from all prospective residential tenants prior to approval:

  • Signed “Application to Rent or Lease” form. Note: if the application is faxed or emailed in the original signatures will be needed for final approval.
  • Two most current pay stubs.
  • Look at driver’s license and verify applicant’s identity (do not copy at this stage).
  • $35.00 Cash Only, Nonrefundable Application Fee.
  • Signed “Deposit Holding Agreement” form with $200.00 Good Faith Deposit in the form of Cashier’s Check or Money Order if applicant would like the unit held for them.

The above items may be mailed, scanned or hand delivered to the following:

                             Witt Properties
                             1841 Adams Ave.
                             San Diego,CA 92116
                             Bus: 619-702-1222
                             Fax: 619-702-1221